Aqua Daily Diary 4th February 2020

Welcome back to another fun and busy day at Aqua! Today there were lots of experiences provided for the Aqua group children. Ivaan started his morning with number/picture puzzles, Lily Beatrice Buckley and Isabelle have demonstrated their gross motor skill by climb up the trees. They used their large muscles as well as hand and eye coordination. Archer and Harvey O were busy playing pretended on the ground with dinosaurs. Lily found her little brother Henry over the fence, Lily gave him a big hug and smile, it was so lovely to see Lily taking care of Henry. Charlie had fun time with a truck while Isla and Isaac were busy pushing shopping trolleys. At the Magformers table, Ivaan made pizzas using triangles and Arda made ‘my big house’. By participating in this constructional play experience the children developed spatial awareness, rotation, mathematical concepts, imagination and problem solving skills.

At the group time Donna explained to children to put their hats and shoes inside the basket. We talked about sun safety so that we have to wear a hat and put on sunscreen when we play outside. Then we had so much fun doing actions for ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ song, children recognised the part of their body and was able to point them to the song. At learning centre some children continued making Australian animal – Koala and Echidna, others were invited to participate in Valentine’s day craft and some drawings.

What a fun day at Aqua!


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