We continued on our healthy eating project with Soni. We cut out pictures out of magazines to put on our plates to make some healthy meals. This was a great activity to talk about what we like that our peers also like as well as working on our fine motor skills.

With Rosanna and Helena, we started making some 3D valentines. Again, we showed our concentration and fine motor skills. We chose the colours to show our personal preferences.

While we were next door with Amanda, we made some flower handprints for valentines. We showed our independence as we painted our own hands and added our drawings to each picture. Some of us practiced writing I love you on the picture! We also liked setting up the cars in the yard and using the track.

We worked on our gross motor skills as we played around the yard, climbing on the wobbly bridge, completing the obstacle course, walking with the stilts.

We’re looking forward to Ms. Cheryl’s Dance class this afternoon!

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