Happy Tuesday! Today we have been extremely busy having so much fun!

This morning we welcomed our friends to the day ahead with our welcome song! We read stories and sang songs!

In this month we will be introducing the children to farm animals! Today we started by reading a lovely book about farm animals and playing with the small world animals in a sensory tray with grass! So much fun! The children are great at all the animal sounds already!

During yoga today the children were shown some new animal poses, like a cow! The children love to start their day with yoga, warming up their bodies and practicing really big movements. They love to show off the poses that we’ve been learning recently, like butterfly and dog!

Our craft today encouraged the children to use their fine motor skills to paint a little duck for the farm! Quack, quack! The children used a paintbrush to paint their ducks and then stuck on the beak and feet themselves!

The children have also enjoyed play dough, building towers, colouring, climbing on the outdoor equipment and then jumping off again!

See you for more fun and learning tomorrow 🙂

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