Aqua Daily Diary 5th February 2020

Today the children had lots of time outside exploring lots of different areas. One of the biggest hits today was the construction corner set up by Nelson our lovely Teacher. Evan, Edward, Oscar, Ivaan, Levi W, Arda, Mason and Henry really enjoyed this activity. There was sand and lots of different types of vehicles in the box.

The children used their fine motor skills and coordination skills to move them around the sand. They shared the space very well and showed the Teachers that our new friends have settled so well within the group. They are starting to make friends with new peers and new teachers.

‘’Experiences of relationships and participation in communities contribute to children’s belonging, being and becoming’’. (EYLF 2.0)

Henry and Isla also had lots of fun playing outside in the sandpit area, manipulating the tools around to make lots of different things in their imagination.

Shona had something very special to share with the group today. Shona has recently became a big sister and is very excited about it. She brought in some pictures of her baby sister and confidently got up at group time and spoke all about her baby been took from Mommy’s tummy and now she lives in Lane Cove in her home with them. Big congratulations to Shona her Mom and Dad on the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Leonardo also became a big brother recently to a little brother. Big Congratulations to his Mom and Dad also. What a special time for all you guys.

What a fun day!!


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