We continued on with our Valentine’s crafts with Amanda. We created a love heart craft using positive and negative space with the paint. We then talked about things we love to do and put that into the middle of our love hearts!

We have enjoyed doing a lot of gross motor activities in both 59 and in the Crimson yard. We have used the balance beams to do jumping as we use the large muscles in our legs.

With Gail, we have continued learning about Waitangi Day. We engaged in a variety of activities to understand the celebrations and customs of the Mauri people.

We continued with learning about healthy eating and made a food pyramid that we will fill in with colour coordinated foods later on.

We practiced our measuring skills as we helped Helena make Play dough. Lastly, we have enjoyed seeing our pictures on the fruit that correlates with our Learning Centre groups. We have been playing a game of listening for the chimes to play to signal to get to our right fruit group.

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