Welcome back to another wonderful Wednesday in Emerald room!

Today has been another busy day playing, making lovely craft and learning a lot!

This morning after our group times where we sang out welcome song and read stories about farm animals … we sat down to talk about Marshmallow! We gave her lots of cuddles and fed her some yummy vegetables! She was very happy!

Having Marshmallow as part of our little family, shows the children how to interact and care for animals. It gives them more of an understanding about the world around them too!

The children enjoyed their yoga session with Liza, where they showed off their dog poses and really stretched their bodies for the day ahead.

Today we were busy with arts and crafts based on this month’s theme of farm animals! For a group activity the children had fun gluing and sticking on a bigger scale and decorated a big barn for our farm display!

We’ve also made some gorgeous sheep today with cotton balls! This activity was fun and sensory, it really encouraged the children to use their fine motor skills when pinching the cotton balls.

We have also been playing with water, exploring the sand pit, making beautiful music with the instruments and reading books!

Claire borrowed Kruti’s Bindi today!


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