Aqua Daily Diary 7th February 2020


Happy Friday everyone!

Another rainy day today, the Aqua group children were provided with a lot of indoor activities.

We had red playdough for Valentine’s day the children many different shapes – love heart, ball, flowers, teddy and rocket ship.

Today is a special day for Mason and Leonardo, they have turned to TWO!! Congratulations boys J. At group time they came up and the Aqua children celebrated their birthday together.

At learning centre children continued developing their creativity with Silver making echidna with sticks, Nelsons group has developed their colour recognition and gross motor skills while they were doing colour sorting. Some children were exploring bugs on the table and expressed their ideas on the paper.

Daniel, Arda, Mason and Jeffrey had fun time making rocket ships with magformers.


Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

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