Aqua Daily Diary 10th February 2020


Welcome back, we hope all the Aqua children and their families had a lovely weekend. It was a rainy one.

The children started their morning off exploring inside and outside. As per usual our sandpit was a hit. Leo and Henry manipulated the tools around to make sandcastles, cakes and many other things.

The construction area is a big hit again today also Daniel, Henry, Charlie and Leo used their fine motor skills to manipulate the trucks and crane around the box. The boy’s really enjoy this activity and are happy when playing here.

Inside the children enjoyed playdough, we coloured it red for Valentines day but the children made lots of snakes this morning with it. Oscar got excited as he made a square shape in the dough ‘’A Square’’ he said as he lifted the shape. Clever Oscar!!

Isabella had time to herself reading a story, Donna could here her naming all the animals in the book. Great Job Isabella!!

Learning Centre Time:-

This week all children are participating in many different groups regarding Valentines Day, they are reading stories about love, speaking with their teachers about the meaning of Love and what colour they think Love is. They made hearts with Donna using marbles to mark make on the heart. With Liza they used a different approach and used finger prints on their hearts.

Physical Activities:-

With Liza the children were invited to do Yoga while the rest of the children had their sleep. Although these older children don’t sleep participating in Yoga helps rest our minds, bodies and souls. They took instructions from their teachers then repeated the action. They made the cat, the butterfly and many more.

There are many benefits of yoga:- it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness.

Happy Monday, we hope you had a lovely day.

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