Aqua Daily Diary 11th February 2020


Welcome back to another busy day in Aqua!

This morning the children were busy settling baby dolls to sleep, they have shown concerns for and tried to comfort them.

Over in the home corner Alexia, Hamish, Isla and Beatrice Buckley were busy making cup of tea for others. They used their imagination to act out the role they have taken on. They have developed their cognitive, language and social skills.


Elise sat on the couch and read book about animals.


The Aqua group children have started to serve their morning tea by themselves from yesterday. They have been provided with tongs and bowls in the middle of the table, the children are doing an excellent job! Well done children.

Music corner was a big hit today Henry, Charlie, Alexia and Imri had lots of fun making music and dance to music.            

At learning centre children had chances to express their idea about ‘love’ with love heart shapes. Please check out our heart tree displayed.

What a fun day at Aqua!!


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