It’s Tuesday and we’ve got our power back! We’ve gone from a rainy weekend to a lovely warm summers day! The children have had a lot of fun today, playing outside, staying cool in the heat and making more craft for Valentine’s Day!

Group time and yoga!

We have a lot of fun singing songs together in group time! The children are able to sit and listen for a long period of time. They are completely engaged in their learning, well done everyone!

During yoga today the children are always very eager to show anyone new their favourite yoga poses! You’ve all seen our dog poses and our butterfly poses too! Yoga is so much fun and great for the children’s physical development, balance and coordination.

Valentine’s Day is on Friday so we’re getting busy this week in preparation! Today we used a folded toilet roll to stamp love hearts onto paper! This is a lovely activity to build on fine motor skills through the children’s grip on the roll … Stamping is great for gross motor arm movements and really fun too!

The children really enjoyed walking on their Valentine’s stepping stones today! We used large heart shape cut outs as stepping stones and the children stepped on them, jumped and stomped between them! This was so much fun and great for physical development!

Today we have also played with water play to cool down in the heat … we built tall towers with the blocks and played with the cars and trains! Choo Choo!

Thanks for a fun day everyone! 🙂

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