Welcome back to another wonderful Wednesday!

We’ve had another lovely day together here in Emerald 🙂

Our day was off to a fantastic start with fun group times where we read our favourite books at the moment – ‘Green sheep’ and ‘I wrote to the zoo’.

During yoga today the children practiced their gross motor movements by stretching up high to touch the sky and down low to touch their toes! We love yoga in Emerald, and I know I keep going on about how beneficial it is for the children’s physical development … but it really is! 🙂

The children have been talking all things Valentines today! We’ve made some gorgeous marble paintings and love heart sun catchers! Fun activities to work on fine motor skills and learn about love!

Today the children had a fun sensory experience with the pink play dough and some colourful feathers! We played with Marshmallow and gave her some treats … we popped lots of bubbles …

The children had a lovely time driving the cars on the car mat, playing with blocks, exploring the farm animals and splashing in the water this afternoon!

Another lovely day 🙂

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