We have had a LOVEly day in Crimson! We made a love heart shape red cake for afternoon tea. We talked about the different types of measurement we were using as we mixing the ingredients.

We also made some special Valentine’s flowers with Amanda. We folded paper and added them to pipe cleaners to make them 3D. We were excited to give them to someone special today!

We did some special with yoga with Farzana today. We used her special book to look at different poses. During meditation, we did a love themed one, where we talked about our feelings and activities of people that we love.

With Soni, we made some natural valentines using leaves to fill up our love heart shapes. We liked mixing our love with nature with making our special Valentines.

We made some castles with the magnets today after looking at pictures with Gail of castles in England. We also continued working on our crowns, Big Bens, and double decker buses.

We also enjoyed our Tennis with Zak.

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