It’s Friday and we’ve been feeling the love today in Emerald room! It’s Valentine’s Day! <3

Today the children have participated in so many Valentine’s Day themed activities, we’ve been non-stop all day and had lots and lots of fun!

During our group time this morning, we welcomed all our friends and talked about Valentine’s Day and how much we love our mummies and daddies! Group time is always a fantastic way to promote speech and language through conversation and social interaction!

Yoga was equally as fun this morning. We love showing off our yoga poses and exercising our gross motor skills! Well done everyone!

For Valentine’s Day today, we had lots of exciting activities to do! Firstly though, we needed to get baking for the cookies to be ready in time for today’s afternoon tea tiara party …

The children had so much fun mixing, rolling and cutting with the heart shaped cookie cutter to make our delicious shortbread cookies! We couldn’t wait to enjoy them later!


While we were baking, the other children were completing a very tough Valentine’s Day obstacle course over pillows and cushions to find the love hearts! This was such a fun activity for physical development, gross motor skills and encouraging the correct crawling pattern for all our little ones!

We’ve been very busy decorating lots of different hearts! We exercised our fine motor skills by colouring and gluing and sticking!

We’ve also been busy exploring the dinosaurs in sand, the farm animals on the mirrored table and this afternoon, some water play to cool down!

But we were really looking forward to our afternoon tea tiara party where we could eat our heart shaped cookies we made this morning!! The children all thought our cookies were amazing and we had so much fun wearing our tiaras!

So cute!


Have a LOVELY weekend! 🙂

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