Welcome back to another week of fun in Emerald room!

This morning we kicked things off with group time where the children sat together to listen to stories, read books and sing songs. We always have such talking together and chatting about what will happen that day!

The children know as soon as group time has finished, it’s time for yoga! Everyone goes to collect a yoga mat and sits down to take off their shoes and socks. We stretched our bodies up high and to the side to be a tree, practiced our favourite yoga poses, the dog and the butterfly … and today we learnt a new pose! The cow – the children enjoyed copying the sound of the cow too!

Throughout the month the children have been learning about different farm animals! Today we’ve been focusing on the cow! The children enjoyed practicing the cow pose during yoga and had lots of fun gluing and sticking black spots onto a paper plate to make a cow!

Today the children have been exploring the home corner! Outside today we have set up an ‘office’ with keyboards and a nursery where the children have been patting the babies to sleep!

We love role playing in our home corner!

But other than that … the children have had loads of fun playing with the cars in the car park, going on the slide, reading books, dancing and building towers!


See you tomorrow for another fun day 🙂

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