Aqua Daily Diary 17th February 2020

Happy Monday to our Aqua families. We hope you all had a wonderful fun filled weekend.

Today the children started their morning of outside. The childen have been displaying many interests within then room. The construction area is a big hit again today. Archie, Georgia, Levi W and Isabella used their fine motor skills to manipulate the trucks around the sand. They shared the space nicely with each other. They also smiled and made eye contact as they moved around the area.

Oscar, Ivaan, Leonardo and Henry also used fine motor skills to push the large vechails around the yard.

Last week while speaking about Love some children showed their interest in the animals in the centre or their own at home. So to expand on that interest Donna set up an activity so the children can watch Popcorn our fish move around the bowl. Levi W, Levi E, Lily and Harvey all learnt new words like Fins, sea weed and also spoke about what popcorn needs to keep him safe and well. They were then invited to make their own fish while looking at different fish from the ocean.

Beatrice Box, Elise, Oscar and Beatrice Buckley enjoyed some creative time painting with the water paint.

The children had a fun Monday exploring lots of different areas. Space rockets, magnets and playdough.

What a Fun Monday at Aqua. 

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