We had a great time at the Incursion today! It was so much fun to listen to the instruments be played, dance around, and listen to some African stories. We also had a chance to play some of the instruments throughout the performance.

With Soni, we continued on with our farm animals project. We made sheep using cotton balls and paper. It was fun to talk about our favourite animal sounds as we used our fine motor skills to make these projects.

Amanda continued on with our shape project. Today, we identified shapes that we wanted to draw. We all drew the shapes that we liked as well as traced them to see how close we could make them to the puzzle pieces. Then, we cut them out and wrote the names of the shapes that we had made.

News time was very popular as we shared pictures and items that were important to us. Gail invited us to make some natural art as we used real leaves to make trees! We also had a great time playing in the yard on this warm day! The swing and spider web was very popular!

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