Aqua Daily Diary 19th February 2020


This Morning in the Aqua Room the children were very settled, enjoying a variety of different table, floor activities and outdoor activities.

According to children’s interest in the rocket ship, during the morning group time, Mrs Tima continued exploring the solar system by reading the book called “Our solar system” by Martin.

Educator: “What is the sun?”

Lily: “It’s a big ball of fire.”

Educator: “Which planet we live?”

Charlotte/ Lily: “Earth”

To extend children’s interest in the socket ship, Mrs Stacie began making a rocket ship by providing children with a recycled box.


During the free time, our children enjoyed riding a bicycle and cars outside by having a turn.

Jake repeated to open and close the lid of bottles and pretended drinking.

A variety of recycled boxes and bottles were set up in dramatic area and our children spent a lot of time for imaginative play with them.

Isla is shopping a lot of food in the supermarket.

Beatrice bought a big box of cereal.

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