It’s Wednesday! We’ve had another exciting day filled with lots of fun things to do!

Of course our morning group times kicked off our day! We read books, sang songs and even played with a felt board that had farm animals for the children to take on and off! This fit in with our farm animal theme and encouraged speech and language!

Yoga with Liza was so much fun! Together we practiced our gross motor movements and showed off our yoga poses. Continuing with our cow pose this week, the children are picking it up nicely! They love to moo like a cow and stretch their bodies for the day ahead!

We’ve had a fun and sensory day today with water play and exploring shaving foam! The children love to explore the different textures with their hands! This is a great activity for encouraging cognitive development through sensory experiences.

Today the children have practiced lots of gross motor movements – with yoga in the morning and dancing in the afternoon, we played with the farm animal puppets amongst the big cushions to encourage the children to crawl over them!

During free play today, the children have had the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments. Today the children have enjoyed the sand pit, the musical instruments, building towers with the blocks and playing in the home corner with the babies!

Such a fun day 🙂

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