Happy Friday! And what a lovely week we’ve had!

Today the children had a very fun sensory experience that will explain why some of them look like the incredible hulk when you come to collect them …

This morning the children thoroughly enjoyed their group times with Jasmine and Robyn! The children explored Jasmine’s bag of tricks, singing songs and playing games and read so many stories with Robyn!

During yoga the children continued to practice their cow pose along with some big stretches up to touch the sky and down to touch their toes! The children finished their session with some meditation and then helped to pack away the mats – so helpful!

Our sensory experience today was painting with ice! Brrr so cold!

The children loved to feel the ice in their hands, some children were so surprised by the temperature that they dropped it! We made some gorgeous paintings and explored the ice too! This activity encouraged speech and language as well!

The children were in a super helpful mood today! They helped Ekta to peel off the masking tape that we used to make the road in the garden yesterday … little did they know that this would be perfect for developing their fine motor skills!

Today we have also done some … climbing and dancing! We’ve played with puppets, build train tracks, and sang ‘Row, row, row your boat’ so many times!

What a lovely day, have a fabulous weekend everyone! 🙂



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