It’s Monday again! Welcome back to another new week in Emerald room!

Today the children have had lots of fun participating in lots of different activities that are not only super fun, but also work towards enhancing all areas of children’s development!

In our group times today we focused on reading books about farm animals to fit with our ongoing theme. The children love to identify the different animals and imitate the animals with the noises they make!

In yoga today, the children were eager to get started and move their bodies! We practiced our dog, butterfly, cow and tree poses and did a little bit of meditation to start off our day! Yoga encourages the children’s listening skills as well are their physical development, balance and coordination!

Continuing our farm animal theme … today we made some lovely horse craft while reading another of our favourite books ‘Noni the pony’ the story of a horse who goes on an adventure!

The children enjoyed painting their horses brown and sticking on wool to make the horse’s lovely mane. This was a fun activity for developing fine motor skills but was also sensory!

The children had a great time joining in with another fun and sensory activity that also promoted fine motor skills … Fun with feathers! The children were invited to stick and unstick the feathers to the sticky tape – what fun!

What a lovely way to start the week! The children have all played wonderfully together, making friends and sharing toys! Together we have danced, played with water, dug holes in the sand pit, driven the cars and built towers with the blocks!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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