Aqua Daily Diary 24th February 2020

Welcome back, the teachers at Aqua hoped all our families had a wonderful fun filled weekend. The children were full of smiles coming back today, ready for their week ahead of them.

To start the morning of the children explored all areas. Inside was a big hit especially the block area. The children enjoyed making a big house and pretending the big bad wolf was coming to get them. Lily and Charlotte hide inside their house so the wolf couldn’t get them. James enjoyed some time with teacher Louise telling a story with the puppets, he could name all the animals. Georgia and Elise had fun in the home corner area feeding and minding their babies, while Archer enjoyed some time to himself counting and naming colours.

Outside there was lots happening, Leo, James, Ivaan and Edward made a house also and locked themselves in so the wolf couldn’t get them. The children are enjoying the stories about the wolf and the little pigs. Lots of physical activities happing outside, Henry enjoyed the bikes using large muscles to push himself along while some children had fun on the slide.

Lily became a teacher and told the children a story on the mat.

The children have showed keen interest on two areas this past month, under the sea and Space. With Donna the children had fun exploring the ocean, different types of fish and sea shells. With Tima the children used fine motor skills to draw plants on the board. Lots of fun activities.



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