Tuesday is here! Of course we’ve had a fabulous day full of learning and adventure!

Today the children enjoyed their group times in the morning with different educators. We read books, sang songs and played games.

After group time, the children know it’s time for yoga! They collect their mats and sit down to take their shoes and socks off. Yoga is a great way to encourage children to use gross motor movements to stretch their bodies and enhance balance and coordination. We practice our favourite poses, slowing adding more to our repertoire.

Recently we’ve been learning a cow pose … still lots of mooing!

The children love to sing songs about frogs! They love 5 little speckled frogs, the froggy song (you’ll have to see the actions for this one, they’re great..) and they love to read books about frogs! So today we painted some lovely Lilly pads for the frogs to jump on!

The children enjoyed dabbing the green paint onto the paper plates, exploring with their hands as they went!

Today we have also been drawing with big egg shaped crayons! So much fun and great for developing fine motor skills!

Today we have been busy developing our fine motor skills in other ways … The children have so much fun inserting lollipop sticks into egg cartons and playing with play dough!

We’ve built some big towers, played in the sand and sat in some boxes …

And a Happy Birthday to Poppy 🙂 who is 1 today!!


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