It’s Wednesday! And what a wonderful Wednesday it’s been! 🙂

The children have had a great time playing together and learning new things!

We started off our day with group time, where the children picked their favourite books to read, sang lots of songs and talked about our day! These group times throughout the day encourage children’s listening and language skills!

Yoga today was lots of fun! We were tall like a tree and small like a bee. The children love learning different animal poses and enhancing their physical development through exercise! Well done every one!

The children enjoyed following the track we made last week with masking tape, so today we made another one! Today the children had so much fun running along the zig-zag line and crawling through the tunnel. Such a fun way to promote gross motor skills!

To add to the gross motor development today .. we had a dance party! The children really enjoy dancing to music and following the beat/rhythm! Great moves everyone!

We love exploring the indoor and outdoor environments in Emerald. Today the children enjoyed the ‘ocean’ sensory tray with ocean animals, sand and tissue paper.


We had fun with water play, block play, sand play, play dough and drawing!

What a day! See you tomorrow 🙂

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