Thursday is here! Of course we have had another lovely day playing nicely together and exploring!

Today the children enjoyed group time where they read so many stories! The children enjoy reading so much they always suggest which one we read first.

Whenever we read ‘Cranky bear’ or ‘Sleepy bear’ we always start by giving bear a cuddle! The children love to give bear a cuddle and are very good at passing bear to their friends. This is a great way for the children to recognise and learn their friends names and encourages sharing!

Yoga this morning was lots of fun! They children were all very energetic and ready to go!

We continued practicing our favourite animal poses and keep working on our cow …

But the children love to jump, stretch up high and down low to touch their toes. This is always such a fantastic way to get the children interested in exercise and encourage gross motor skills, balance and coordination!

Today we did some painting with ice! Brrr it was so cold to touch! The children enjoyed the sensory experience and watching the ice melt in their hands. We got lovely and messy and made some beautiful artwork! Great job everyone

Out in the front yard the children have been practicing their gross motor movements by running along a track along the ground and being very helpful watering the plants!

Today we have been very busy exploring the sensory tray with sand and BIG jungle animals! We have also dug big holes in the sand pit, drawn pictures, played with the flower connectors, played in the home corner and just had a really lovely day 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂


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