Aqua daily diary 27/02/2020


Today was more than a special day here in Aqua.

We had our lovely educator Alejandra being assessed for her certificate 3 and everything went just fine. Congratulations, Alejandra!!

One of her tasks as a student was to do one of the bonkers beat activities, where children had to sit in a circle and play the bongo. While one child plays the bongo, the other children follow the rhythm by taping the specific body part. Our children helped a lot and did really well. Thank you, Aqua children.

What’s more, children explored our space program. We went to the moon to collect moon rocks using special gloves. We also polished our fine motor skills when painting planets.

There was the colour race, where children had to match the colour pieces to the colour buckets.


Not to mention the free play, in which we had Isla shopping for strawberries. Children enjoying the car pit. Finally, Charlotte, Aaeesha, and Lily building a playground. What a lovely imagination and creativity our children have!


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