We’ve made it to Friday! The end of another fantastic week and almost the end of another month! Where is this year going?

Today we have had such a lovely day playing with our friends and exploring the Emerald room!

Our group times today, lead by Jasmine, Cindy and Ekta, allowed the children to practice their listening skills and develop language through singing, stories and conversation!

The children had so much energy for yoga this morning! We did a lot of bouncing like kangaroos! Again the children were very excited to get started and couldn’t wait to show off their animal poses. Our Emerald children love participating in yoga, it’s a great tool for learning language and enhancing physical development!

Next week is the Japanese festival of the dolls – Hinamatsuri – also known as Girls’ Day where families celebrate by praying for the health and happiness of young girls in Japan.

Today to celebrate, we decorated our own hina dolls – traditional Japanese dolls that are displayed in homes – with patterned origami paper! The children had so much fun looking at images of hina dolls and gluing and sticking!

Today we have been busy using our motor skills to draw a big picture together! The children love group activities like this one.

We’ve had a lot of fun using our problem solving skills to complete puzzles!

The children have explored the sensory tray with sand and dinosaurs, played outside driving the cars and built towers with the waffle blocks! What a fun day 🙂

See you in March … 🙂

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