It’s the beginning of a brand new week and a brand new month! Welcome to March 🙂

We have all had such a lovely day enjoying the warm weather outside today.

This morning the children loved their group times! They played with Cindy’s big box of toys, read lots of books with Robyn and had great fun listening to stories and songs with the help of MeiTing’s visual felt board. The children loved using the board to make stories and songs interactive!

We’ve worked on our gross motor skills, balance and coordination in our daily yoga session! The children love to get their bodies moving, we start with jumping and stretching before we practice our animal poses. Great job today!

The children love to check in on Marshmallow throughout the today, so this morning we got her out to socialise! We talked about what Marshmallow likes to do, what she likes to eat and we tried to copy that cute little squeak she makes! The children took it in turns to stroke Marshmallow and feed her celery and apples.

Caring for Marshmallow is a great way to teach the children about animals, compassion and empathy!

Today we have done some drawing, played with dinosaurs, built tall towers and enjoyed water play to cool us down in the heat!

What a lovely day 🙂

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