It’s Wednesday! We’ve had another fabulous day with fun activities and lots of learning.

This morning the children enjoyed group time where we talked about the rainy weather, read books, sang songs and enjoyed each others company!

Yoga was a great way to get our bodies moving today as we couldn’t run around outside! We stretched our bodies up and continued to practice our animal poses with Liza! Great job working on your physical development everyone!

We’ve been getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Emerald room! These upcoming weeks we will be learning all about St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture through music, stories and arts and crafts.

Today we made colourful pots of gold often found at the end of a rainbow!

The children enjoyed exploring sensory bags filled with paint and sand. What a strange sensation!

To keep us entertained in the rain, we’ve been playing the musical instruments, playing with the cars in the car park and when the rain stopped we played on the bikes and cars in the yard!

Lots of fun! 🙂

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