Thursday is here! It’s raining again, but we always find a way to have a lovely day fun of fun and adventure!

This morning in group time we read our favourite books – today the children were asking for the ‘baby’ book! 10 little fingers and 10 little toes is an Emerald room classic!

We played with Cindy’s sensory toys and sang so many nursery rhymes!

During yoga with Liza, the children enjoyed practicing their big gross motor movements and showing off their animal poses! We always have so much fun and practice rain or shine!

For our St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts today, we continued with our colourful pots of gold and got to work on some lucky clovers! We love gluing and sticking and painting, it’s so much fun and great for fine motor development!

On this rainy day we have also enjoyed … drawing group pictures, playing with the train tracks, dancing, blowing bubbles and getting sandy in the sand pit!

Such a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂


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