Friday has arrived and we’ve had another lovely day to finish off a fun week!

During our group times today, the children enjoyed reading ‘Cranky bear’ stories with Robyn. We love to ‘share the bear’ in group time, it’s a great way to teach the children about sharing and also a fun way to learn everyone’s name!

In MeiTing’s group time the children loved exploring her felt board! This is a fun tool to make stories and songs interactive!

We very much enjoyed yoga today! It wasn’t raining and we had lots of space to jump and stretch our bodies, really working on those gross motor movements! We’ve worked up quite the repertoire of poses this year – butterfly, tree, snake, crocodile, dog and cow to name a few!

The children have been learning about healthy eating and continued to create their healthy eating plate today by gluing and sticking cut outs of foot onto their paper plates! Everyone loves to read the fruit and vegetable book and point out the food their recognise!

We gave Marshmallow some love, affection and lettuce today! The children love to care for the guinea pig, they enjoy giving her gentle pats, brushing her fur and hearing the funny little squeaks she makes!

What a lucky guinea pig!

Today we have also enjoyed … dancing, playing in the home corner, digging in the sand pit and playing the musical instruments!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

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