Can you believe it is the month of march already. The children have been exploring and settling well in the aqua class. All children are now happily playing, making friends in their new class.

The children enjoyed lots of outside time exploring in the sun. we have been looking at under the sea and lots of different sea creatures. Jake, Georgia, Elise, William and Henry and  explored the shells with the sand. The Aqua children love sensory exploration and are often found touching different objects or material.

Sand play was a big hit as the children worked as a team to make birthday cakes for their friends. The children love pretend play, it is really good to watch them use their imaginations and creativity. Their social skills expand daily when they play together as a team.

Some of the children took some time out of the heat and read some stories. Looking at the pictures and making up their own story is lots of fun.

The children are also still enjoy the space team, they explored the rocket today and said ‘’I go to Space’’.

With Lisa some of the children hide in the dark to get the feeling of what space would be like.

The children also participated in yoga. The children take direction well and repeat the move that their teacher makes.

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