Tuesday is here! And what a terrific Tuesday we’ve had!

The children have been very busy today with lots of activities and fun toys to play with!

We enjoyed lots of group times, reading books, singing songs and interacting with the felt board to tell stories!

Today the children were eager to get the yoga session started! They helped to set up the mats and pack them away again when we had finished. Today the children wanted to focus on their butterfly pose!

Today we have been celebrating Holi – a festival of colour celebrated in India! The children made some gorgeous coloured sand pictures using their fine motor skills to pinch and sprinkle the sand! This was a fun and sensory activity with lots of colours to look at!

We continued to paint four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day …

We did lots of group drawing, played with cars, built towers and read books!

And we danced our little socks off …

What a lovely day 🙂 see you tomorrow!

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