It’s Monday, welcome back to the start of another busy week! It’s a bit rainy today, but we’ve made the most of it!

This morning the children enjoyed their group times with their educators. We read our favourite stories and enjoyed Cindy’s sensory toys!

The children enjoyed a small yoga session under the shelter! This is a fun way to get our bodies moving and practice gross motor skills, even in a small space due to the rain! We love to show off our skills!

Today we got nice and messy exploring shaving foam in our big sensory tray! The children loved to feel the foam with their hands. Together we talked about how the foam felt to touch and drew shapes! The girls liked to copy daddy and put the foam on their face! What fun 🙂

The children have all been super helpful today! They really like to help water the plants (even in the rain)! This is great for motor skills as well as giving them more of an understanding about plants, nature and the world around them.

We’ve had lots of time during this rainy day for lots of activities … like playing with cars, building towers from blocks, reading books, playing in the sand pit and being doctors!

Such a busy day! See you tomorrow 🙂




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