Welcome back to Wednesday! We’ve had such a lovely day singing, dancing and painting!

This morning we had wonderful group times where we read books, sang songs and played with Cindy’s sensory toys of course! This time in the morning allows the children to practice their listening skills and encourages speech and language.

Goodness me! We were so excited to start all of our arts and crafts today, that we forgot about yoga! But don’t worry, we warmed up our bodies and practiced our gross motor skills with another activity … dancing!

The Indian festival Holi might have ended yesterday, but we wanted to extend our learning with more colourful artwork! Today the children used the easel to paint standing up with food colouring! This was great for our motor skills and encouraged language based on colours!

We’ve also painted some gorgeous green parrots! The children love to look through the bird book and discover lots of different birds! They had fun recreating some too 🙂


And on top of all that … the children have had a great time exploring the sandpit, building towers and playing together!


Thanks everyone for a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂



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