This morning Archie, Laura and Junho chose to build with the magnetic wooden blocks. Archie make a big rocket ship and Laura a tree, Junho was making a building.

We have continued to explore our world and are still looking at the North Pole and Greenland. Laura and Veronique engaged with the Igloo and small boxes (using these for housing), creating another different way of living. They used furniture and a variety of different people/animals to create family life.

Anika used the cards from around the world and using her observational skills found, and matched icons from around the world.

Mia and Silvan chose the music instruments and made their own beats, then working together for twinkle, twinkle.

Science is very popular and the children are very excited to see it being set up. Today they engaged in colours, mixing and creating a variety of shades. Exploring which were mostly blue based or red.

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