Thursday is here! We’ve had such a lovely day, the weather has been lovely and we’ve enjoyed our time outside!

This morning we enjoyed several group times with different educators, where the children sang songs, read books and welcomed their friends to the day ahead! This is a great time for the children to sit down and engage in stories, focusing on their listening and language skills!

We made up for missing yesterday’s yoga session with a really big class! The children had definitely missed out because they were so excited to join in and were engaged for a long period of time!

We practiced our jumping, we showed off our big tree and small tree poses and we whipped out a couple of animal poses too! Well done everyone, this is great for our physical development, balance and coordination!

The children have really been enjoying the big book all about birds that we have here in Emerald. Today the children painted a lovely pink flamingo with cotton buds! A fun activity that encourages fine motor skills and an understanding of nature and the world around them!


The children explored some sensory bags of paint and sand. Together we talked about how they felt to touch and the colours!

The children are really enjoying dressing up to dance! They love to put the skirts on and twirl to the music!

Today has been so much fun. The children have enjoyed exploring the Emerald environment and have been playing with the sea animals in the sand tray, playing in the big sand pit and posting balls through tubes and just having a great time outside!

Thanks for a fantastic Thursday! 🙂


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