It’s Friday again! The end of another fantastic week in Emerald room!

Today we have had so much fun interacting with different educators in our group times. We love to read books with Robyn and we love to play games with Jasmine!

Yoga was lots of fun this morning! A big group of children decided to join in and we had a great time working on our gross motor movements with jumps, stretching, reaching and animal poses! Well done everyone 🙂

The children love the ‘Green sheep’, we read it everyday without fail! Today the children enjoyed a group painting activity where we painted the green sheep and the blue sheep! This was so much fun and great for our fine motor skills. We can’t wait to display our sheep on the wall in the reading corner!

This afternoon we had a lot of fun practicing our fine motor skills more by painting with water on the floor!

We’ve participated in so many more activities today as well! During free play the children have the opportunity to explore the environments and play with their friends.

We gave Marshmallow some cuddles today, experimented with the magnetic blocks, built towers, blew bubbles and played with trains!

And of course we’ve danced. A lot.

Have a great weekend!





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