Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in Emerald room. Today has been so rainy but we’ve had a great time participating in lots of activities like arts and crafts, dancing and music!

Today the children have enjoyed several group times with different educators, where they have read books, sang songs and played games. During group times the children are able to practice their listening and social skills!


This rain just can’t make up it’s mind! The children love to watch the rain and sing ‘rain, rain, go away’! But we can’t do yoga in the rain, so we moved yoga under the shelter and practiced our gross motor movements there!

Everyone was so excited to warm up our bodies and show off our favourite poses! Well done everyone, such great listening today 🙂

St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Don’t forget to wear green and get in the festive spirit!

Today the children made some fabulous arts and crafts! They used their fine motor skills to glue and stick colours onto a rainbow … and they painted a Leprechaun’s beard a lovely shade of orange!

We put on our dancing shoes … and skirts … and had a little boogie today! Dancing is fantastic for enhancing physical development and encouraging speech and language through songs!

This afternoon we did more gluing and sticking and decorated pizza slices, yum! We read books and played with the musical instruments. We also made sure that Marshmallow hadn’t been swept away in the rain!

Thanks for a lovely Monday! See you tomorrow 🙂

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