Tuesday is here! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the children have had a lovely day 🙂

We began our day with group time! A time for focus, listening and socialising with teachers and friends! We love to read books, sing songs and play games together during our group times!

Yoga! Everyone was very excited for yoga and with the rain holding off, we were able to have a lovely morning session. We warmed our bodies up for the day with big gross motor movements. Lots of jumping, stretching and laughing!

Well done everyone 🙂

Frank had some leftover veggies and greens today, and we knew who might enjoy them the most … Marshmallow!

Together we fed Marshmallow and gave her lots of cuddles! The children love to take care of our guinea pig, it helps them to understand how to care for an animal, using a ‘gentle touch’ and broadens their understanding of the world around them!

Today we have been very busy playing with our friends, learning a lot and having so much fun! We played with the play dough and continued gluing and sticking to make little pizzas – they look delicious! We’ve done group drawings on cardboard with chalk and of course we’ve done some dancing! Today we even listened to Irish music!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from a few of our little Leprechauns!!

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