This morning the big wooden blocks were providing an interest for Euan and Edward. They were making a big city.

With St Patricks Day being Tuesday 17th during mat times we have talked about the leprechaun and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We have invited the children to explore the rice tray with small pots, gold coins and a rainbow puzzle. We have also invited them to use the hole punch to make coins and glue these onto their pots, drawing a rainbow.

To add to our St Patricks Days experiences, we invited the children use crayons and texta in various shades of green and paint over the top of our pictures in yellow to create a leprechaun’s magic picture.

Children were able to extend their literacy skills using the magnetic letters. They find the letters for their names or the ones which they are familiar with. Lachlan chose to find all the pink letters and place them on his board.

The children used their physical skills in the playground, climbing, running and balancing. Developing their well-being.

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