Today In our Crimson class, our children started their day by doing Yoga with  Sony. Children really enjoyed and showed Sony different poses of Yoga by themselves. while doing Yoga they asked so many questions about Yoga like why we do it and how it helps us to stay healthy.


As we know that today is happy St Patricks Day, children did some beautiful crafts with their respective teachers during learning centre. some groups made hats by using the green paint and some did cut the papers in hat shape and coloured them afterwards. Some children were dressed up in green colour to celebrate this day.

On the deck, some children did paint with the help of sponge rollers and colour pens as well to do some crafts to celebrate this day. Children played with some different puzzles like matching the colours where children also did mix and match colours to make the puzzle more interesting and creative, playing with blocks.

After finishing our lunch, in the afternoon, our children meditation as its necessary for making them calm down and relax for some time. During this time, they also learn about the importance of meditation and how it works inside our body and affects our mind. When they finished their meditation, kids went to play outside for free play.

The above activities demonstrated their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, communication skills including both verbal and nonverbal and cognitive skills a well

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