Thursday is here! We’ve had so much fun in this fantastic weather, it’s really made up for all the rainy days spent inside.

Today we have had group time with different educators, where the children have read stories and played games! ‘Green sheep’ had been a favourite this week. The children often ask for the ‘baa-baa’ book!

Yoga was lots of fun today – as it always is! Getting our bodies moving in the morning is a great way to release those happy endorphins! We’ve worked on our favourite poses; butterfly, tree and snake and it was a great way to enhance our physical development through gross motor skills!

Tomorrow is Harmony day! A day for peace and acceptance – we are going to celebrate by wearing orange, so do try and dress your little ones up tomorrow!

Today we continued our Harmony day craft, working on our fine motor skills and cognitive development through painting and also learning more about the world around us!

The children have had a lovely day exploring the outdoor environment today and enjoying the warm weather! We’ve solved puzzles, played with play dough and had a lovely time playing with our friends!

Thanks for a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂

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