From today morning our crimson children were busy in different activities like playing in the home corner and pretending to cook something for their parents, some children were busy in building blocks, solving puzzles ,making their own stories by looking at the story books.



Miss Helena discussed with children how to make themselves safe in this current situation. She told them about how to wash their hands properly with soap. children also asked various questions regarding the hygiene as well. After that Miss Helena read some story books to the children. Our crimsons had a great fun while listening the stories.



In our learning time, every group made some activities relating to different contexts. Like Miss Helena planned one activity relating to children’s interest. She did one activity by using different coloured scraped papers to make collage handprint tree. While doing the activity, children told Miss Helena how they saw different colours of tree while they went to the park.

Miss Sony organised one activity relating to nature. Children went outside and saw one tree and drew the picture of that tree   by using different colour paints and crayons. After that they picked one flower and put that in front of them on the table and drew that picture and coloured it as well. While doing the activity, they talked about the colour of the leaves, flower and how it looks like. They also touched and smelled the flower.

To make children learn about different cultures, Miss Gail today picked INDIA (country) as her topic. She did one activity relating one of the favourite animals” ËLEPHANT” in India. Miss Gail gave them elephant shaped papers to decorate the elephant by using different colour pencils to make it look beautiful. It is one of the traditions in India ( south) to decorate the elephants with different colour of paints as they walk on the roads and inside the palaces with the kings to celebrate “Dussehra .The girls tried to wear saree as saree is the traditional costume of India. Girls were happy to wear that and showed it to everyone and greeted everyone by saying ‘Namaste”. Namaste in India means ‘hello”. She made some paintings on their forehead which is called as “Bindi” in India as well .Everyone were looking so pretty.


Children played in the sandpit in the afternoon with their friends

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