Happy Monday and welcome back to another week!

What better way to kick off the week than with group time followed by yoga!! In our group times we love to read stories, sing songs and play games! It’s a great way to encourage listening and language skills!

During yoga, the children work on their gross motor movements and practice their animal poses! We always have so much fun!

We got science-y in the Emerald room this morning! MeiTing and Robyn showed the children a fun experiment that you can do at home to explain the importance of washing your hands with soap!

In a bowl of water we added pepper that floated on top. When you put your finger in the water, the pepper sticks to your finger. But when you put your finger in soap before putting it into the bowl with pepper and water … the pepper disperses in the water!

It’s like magic and the children had so much fun learning about germs!

Today the children had lots of fun playing with playdough, exploring the sand pit and enjoying both the indoor and outdoor environments.

Thanks for a lovely Monday!

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