It’s Tuesday! And what a terrific Tuesday we’ve had 🙂

We love to read stories in group time! Our favourite story this week is the Green Sheep again! Reading books is a great way to enhance language development.

Yoga today was fun! Everyone joined in with the stretching and gross motor movements to warm up their bodies for the day! Today everyone had their listening ears on and followed instructions perfectly!

Marshmallow is so loved in Emerald! The children love to feed her and give her cuddles!

We love to play with MeiTing’s felt board. It’s such a fun and interactive way to sing songs and tell stories!

Today we got messy and played with shaving foam and coloured ice. What a sensory experience!

But today we have also … read books, played in the sand, drew pictures and played with the musical instruments!

Day book edited and approved by Billie

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