Today was a very busy day in the Aqua room. In the morning time, due to the rainy day, our children were provided with many opportunities to explore indoor play. There were full of activities for children to choose their own experiences. It was a great time to see children moving around the room to try each activity.

With hand washing being extremely important (especially in the current climate), Our Aqua team had a very special day with Charlotte’s mom Alice to share about how to wash our hands properly including making sure we rub our hands to the length of happy birthday or counting to 20. To make sure the children are using proper handwashing techniques, we continued to encourage children to wash their hands with the technique that Charlotte’s mom shared through a variety of activities such as books and paintings.

Our Aqua team would like to say again “We really appreciate your meaningful time, Alice”

In the construction area, our children became a builder to build the house with wooden blocks by sharing their ideas through the conversation and gestures. This creative activity can allow children to develop their disposition of learning such as curiosity, imagination, creativity and solving problem by utilising open-ended materials

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