We were excited to listen to Amanda’s new book. We liked looking at all the exciting places that the characters navigated on their big adventure in San Francisco. Amanda shared that she had been to many of the places in the book and showed some real photos from these places!

Arturo extended our understanding on time today. We made our own clocks and practiced writing our numbers! We used our fine motor skills to complete the project.

We were very busy at a variety of table activities today. We took turns using the magnet set, moving the cars and ladybugs around the board. We also used a different type of magnet to build homes for the plastic insects.

We did some painting of some Autumn trees today as well. We noticed that some of the leaves are changing to red and orange, so we mimicked that in our paintings.

We had a great time being in the yard today. We played a transportation game, where we acted out different types of travel, like being a helicopter, hot air balloon, bus, etc. We also linked it to the importance of respecting one another’s space as real cars or planes give each other space.


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