Happy sunny Tuesday to all our Aqua Families.

The children started the morning with their teacher Alejandra, doing yoga. The children are always so eager to join in. they take their mat and listen well and repeat the pose.

Children love to explore and learn so much from just sitting and interacting together. They explored Alejandra’s box full of small interactive toys and really enjoyed it. They used language skills to communicate with peers.

Arda and Isla used fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination skills to manipulate the pieces into the puzzle.

Home corner is always so popular as the children repeat what they see the adults doing. Cooking and minding the babies they love to do.

At group time we continue to talk about the importance of washing hands. We practice to remind the children that all areas of our hands need to be clean.

The train set has been a big hit since yesterday and today again Arda, Oscar and Charlotte explored them, the track is getting bigger by the day.

At learning center time the children worked as a team again and finished their large Egg for Easter. We are also reading lots off nice stories about Easter Bunny coming to visit.

Outside the children explored lots of activities. Lily and Adeline had green fingers today and explored nature, they spoke to each other about the flower, using their senses to smell and touch it. The children enjoyed time climbing in the tree been brave and trying to reach the top.

A small group of children explored the garage and the cars while Harvey explored the different trucks, he especially liked the garbage truck. Sand play is always a big hit and Henry and Isla played together manipulating the shovels to fill their buckets.

Today is a special day for Isla as it is her Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday from all your friends and Teachers at Aqua.

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