Happy Wednesday and welcome to April!

The children have had lots of fun today, they all play so nicely together! Today we started off our morning with group time, where we read sang lots of songs and read all the books!

Yoga was a lot of fun and the children did a great job at following along and working on their gross motor movements, through fun animal poses!

Today we made sure Marshmallow was happy and full of delicious food! We sat together and talked about what food she likes to eat and watched her nibble on some leaves! The children love to give Marshmallow cuddles and pats, practicing their gentle and kind hands!

When we dance in Emerald room, the first song request is always Baby Shark! It had such a fun tune and great actions to go with it .. I’m sure all parents would agree how much they love it too! For our arts and crafts today the children used a sponge brush to paint paper plates to make into a shark! They loved this activity and couldn’t help but sing the song as they painted … do do do do 🙂

Check out our display in our dancing space!

The children have had a wonderful day today playing and learning with their friends!

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