It’s Friday! Today we have had a lovely day! The sun was shining and the children were smiling!

We started our day off with the usual group time, where we read stories, sang songs and talked about our day ahead! Today we introduced the children to all things Easter, with hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts and Easter bunnies!

We adventured to the Crimson yard for an Easter egg hunt! The children were very excited and loved finding little chocolate eggs to put into their baskets!

The Crimson yard is full of exciting things! They have chickens and another guinea pig! We fed the guinea pig and gave him some love and gentle pats, and then we did our very best chicken impressions and noises whilst looking at the chickens! What a fun morning 🙂

We very much enjoyed using pegs and cotton wool to paint with this afternoon! There was a secret bunny hiding underneath our paint too! Painting with different tools is a great way to enhance children’s fine motor skills, well done everyone!

We spent the rest of our day enjoying each other’s company and showing our educators how we wash our hands with soap and water!

Thank you for a fantastic week! 🙂

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